Website optimization

If you want to rank for your golden keyword, you need to optimize your website for it — specifically your homepage. The homepage is like the CEO of your website. It’s the most important page, and the most important place to include your golden keyword effectively.

There are a few key places to include your keyword on your homepage:

  • Title tag – The title tag is the name of your page. It’s what appears in the tab at the top of your browser when you’re on a website.
  • Meta description – A meta description is a brief description of a page that appears below the title tag in the search results.
  • Headings (H1 and H2) – Headings are used to break up content on a page. The H1 heading is the primary heading, while H2 headings are subheadings.
  • URL – Your URL is the web address of your website. It’s what comes after “www.” in the search results.
  • Body content – Body content is the main text on a page.
  • Alt text – Alt text is used to describe images on a website.

By including your golden keyword in these places, you’re giving your website the best chance to rank for it in the search results.

Pro tip – Identify long-tail keywords for each page of your website

While you should use your best golden keyword — i.e. “best roofing company in Denver” — as often as you can do so naturally, you can and should target other relevant long-tail keywords throughout your website.

For example, let’s say you’re optimizing a commercial roofing service page. In addition to “best roofing company in Denver,” you could also target keywords like “best commercial roofing services” and “Denver commercial roofing contractor.”

To get started, make a list of all the pages on your website. Then, create a list of long-tail keywords that would be relevant for each page.

From there, you can optimize each page of your website for the long-tail keywords that make the most sense.

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