Senior care leads are now more valued than ever, but some long term care marketers are missing out on them by committing these common mistakes:

  • Stereotypes in advertising: Even though seniors are elderly, many are still active or young at heart. Therefore, if facilities depict seniors as gray and feeble in their marketing campaigns, they risk offending seniors who will instead look at alternative facilities that use targeted marketing approaches that are more appealing.
  • Focus placed on census rather than the resident: When seniors feel that the facility is more concerned with increasing census numbers than it is the well-being of their residents, they will naturally lose interest. Facilities should instead strive to convey that they provide exceptional senior living care and use innovative ideas to achieve their goals. Mann said of his team at Moorings Park Communities, “Our goal is to be the Tesla of senior living, to create things that other communities can then try to replicate and bring to their own residents.”
  • Poor communication: Even though residents in a long term care facility are considered “customers,” they still want to be treated with dignity and respect. Therefore, long term care marketers need to directly address the concerns of seniors and assure them they can provide the kind of care that exceeds expectations.
  • Underestimating digital marketing: In today’s modern world, visibility, newsworthiness, and reliability are three essential qualities that can improve a facility’s long term care leads and allow them to stay competitive. Therefore, facilities must adapt to modern-day marketing strategies by exploring various digital channels, like websites, social media, and blogs so the facility can increase interaction and provide more opportunities to reach their target market about its services.

Long term care marketers should pay attention to their strategy and update their approach in order to increase their long term care leads. Failure to do so will result in facilities losing potential residents to their competitors and damaging the facility’s reputation in the eyes of their target audience, who will come to believe that the facility is incapable of providing the care, services, or living environment they desire.

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