Below are six popular senior living marketing strategies facilities can adopt to improve their assisted living marketing reach while bolstering their online presence.

  1. Update the website – One of the most effective marketing strategies is to update the facility website. Being the first place a potential customer will see, the website will share the facility’s important information like the address and contact information, and its mission, values, and services. It is also essential to optimize a website using keywords and clear calls to action so that customers can find the facility in search engines.
  2. Use social media to build rapport – Social media is a fantastic way to “meet and interact” with potential customers on a personal level. In 2021, on average, people spend one hundred and forty-two minutes per day on social media. In addition to improving relationships, social media also encourages communication between influencers in long term care and assisted living communities. This provides mutual promotion via any blog content produced with inbound links connecting the facility website to external websites, thus increasing the number of eyes on it through Google, improving domain authority, and gaining higher search visibility.
  3. Start blogging – Most potential customers are looking for good, quality information about long term care. Blogging is a great place to share information, as every blog creates a new web page for the facility. The more blogs available, the more the facility will appear in search results in Google or elsewhere. To be most effective, each blog needs to include different topics and keywords. Further, there must be consistent content creation with at least one blog per week.
  4. Use current residents as brand ambassadors – Willing residents and their families can become brand ambassadors to promote the long term care facility. Having them record positive online video testimonials that can be shared on social media is a particularly effective assisted living marketing strategy that authentically shows value. Facilities can also consider a “resident referral program,” where residents refer their friends by providing excellent word of mouth and social proof about the facility.
  5. Start an email marketing campaign – Email marketing is a great way to engage with potential customers. It primarily focuses on building and nurturing ongoing relationships with individuals who have willingly given permission to receive emails. However, it is worth remembering that email subscribers still need to be treated respectfully. Therefore, provide an “opt-out” button at the bottom of the emails.
  6. Maximize a CRM to track leads – While it is important to follow up on potential leads, this is only possible if leads are tracked via a customer relationship management system (CRM). Most CRMs are designed to work seamlessly with a facility’s long term care software. Both systems work in unison to maximize assisted living marketing initiatives while providing relevant information to personalize follow-up calls with potential customers.

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