Believe it or not, in the last ten years, the 60+ group has grown by 35 percent! This is a great thing for the senior living or assisted living community – there is a never-ending pool of prospects. And with people living much longer than before, it’s becoming more and more likely that the elderly will need to live in a senior living facility. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to work hard to market your facility and generate leads.

Here are some ideas to generate more leads for senior living: 

Keep and utilize the residents you already have

It’s always good to add more residents to your roster but don’t forget about your current residents! Give them reasons to stick around: offer new services, programs, facilities, etc. to add value to their experience. Also, consider that your current residents know other people who might be on the lookout for a senior living facility! Referral generally makes up a huge portion of tours and inquiries. 

Make your pricing structure readily available

One of the top complaints from prospective clients is that the pricing format for a senior care facility isn’t readily available. This needs to change because people want to know these things upfront. Not having your prices available could be the difference between someone making a serious inquiry and moving onto a different facility. The more upfront and transparent you are, the quicker you’ll have clients making decisions and moving in. 

Follow up on ALL leads

Just because someone gave off a ‘no’ energy during a tour or phone call doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow up with them. Look at every interaction with a potential client as just that, an interaction with a potential client. Don’t let your preconceived notions stand in the way of you and your leads! 

Give a good tour

More often than not, a prospect will be touring several facilities, which means your tour needs to shine…to stand out from the rest! The tour needs to show how and why your facility is their best option, the perfect option! Tailor the tour for each prospect and they will feel like the place was made for them! 
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