Here are 5 marketing event ideas for retirement communities:

  1. Health Lectures and Classes. If you offer a continuum of care and have access to doctors and other healthcare professionals who are willing to speak, this can be a highly cost-effective measure for drawing in prospective residents. Topics can include everything from Understanding Medicare to Nutrition to Fall Prevention. What is interesting to your residents will also be interesting to your prospective residents. A good way to know what they want to learn about is to conduct a poll. Then make sure you promote your event!
  2. Holiday Events. It is always a fun idea to host a local church choir for a Christmas concert. Invite children to a community Easter Egg Hunt. Have a contest to see who can make the biggest matzoh ball. But whatever you do, get the word out to all the towns in your area. Sure, your current residents will invite their grandkids, but you want to draw children whose grandparents might be considering a move from their home to an active retirement community.
  3. Art and Theater Premieres. Not all of your events need to be hosted in your building. It can be easy to find art exhibits, performances, and movies that are relevant to your audience. Not only can this be a nice outing for your residents but it can draw prospective residents in.
  4. Themed Lunches. Invite local clubs and organizations to co-host special interest lunches with you. By partnering with the local garden club, writers’ workshop, or crafting group, you can both gain access to their membership and prospects and provide your residents with another fun social activity. If your restaurant/dining room is particularly upscale, this method will be even more effective at planting the seed for future residents.
  5. Financial Planning Consultations. You can also partner with a financial consultant who specializes in estate planning, and invite them to speak to your community briefly, followed by a Q&A session and the opportunity to schedule private appointments for more personal questions. It’s a win-win-win situation – for you, for the attendees, and for the financial consultant. This is a key concern for seniors and their children; offering help shows your general concern for the financial health of both your residents and the community.

This is just a small portion of the most beneficial marketing event ideas for retirement communities. There are several ways to engage with your current residents while also recruiting prospective residents to give an inside glimpse at what you have to offer. The important thing to remember is that events can’t work unless you advertise them. It is important to also have enough in the budget to not just host the event but also be able to get the word out. If you can’t achieve this then you won’t make back what you put into the program.

Remember: any event you choose should be fun and/or educational. Take the time to think creatively!

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