Use resident memories for blog content.

Producing weekly blog post can be difficult. However, meaningful content can be just down the hall.

Consider incorporating your residents regularly into your blogs. Have your staff across your communities ask residents to relate some of their best memories.

If you get 12 resident interviews, you’ve just cut collecting ideas for your weekly blog by 25%. What’s more, you’ve collected content that can connect with a prospect…and make a move-in easier.

Document a resident’s journey to create a case study.

You (or your staff) probably know a resident who came in depressed but is now happy.

You have a great case study on your hands! Obtain permission from the resident and their family, and ask them if you can create a case study.

Before you know it, you have the raw material needed to publish your resident’s experience on your website.

Most important, this case study can prove the value of your community to doubtful prospects, making your sales team’s job a little easier.

Transform a team meeting into podcast material.

Senior Living marketing content is helped by thought leadership, and a well-produced podcast can build traffic and establish your community as an authority.

If you’re searching for great content to attract prospects, try incorporating details from your latest team meeting.

Whether you’ve met with sales or clinical, take the most relevant points and repurpose them for a podcast.

Feature new arrivals in the newsletter.

Newsletters can get old—quickly. It’s important you add a fresh spin on your newsletter to engage prospects.

One way you can do this is by adding a personal connection.

Feature new residents in your newsletter, and welcome them to your community. With their permission, add some fun by sharing…

  • Their background.
  • Their hobbies.
  • A picture.

Beef up Senior Living marketing content with regular photos.

This is a simple way to add value to your Senior Living content. Have one of your staff members regularly take photos throughout the year.

  • In spring, take pictures of your community grounds.
  • At Christmas, take photos of festive gatherings.
  • During a dinner event, take a photo of your luxurious dining area.

Do this regularly, and you have content to create a photo gallery or add life to a blog post.

People don’t want to commit to what they can’t see, and great photos can support your efforts to drive occupancy.

Use reviews for website content.

Resident or family reviews make great blurbs for your website.

They’re not only interesting, but they also provide the needed reassurance for prospects researching your senior care community.

Go through your files, and pull out testimonials.

When a resident or family member offers a great testimony or compliment, say, “Wow, can I quote you on that?” It’s a free way to get great content to increase revenue.

Inspire Senior Living marketing content in emails with resident stories.

Everyone loves a good story. And as a mid-sized operator, you probably have many special resident stories on hand.

It’s time to turn these stories into powerful emails.

As you educate prospects through email nurture campaigns, use these stories to capture your reader. Easily tie the story back to what your community offers to support sales traction.

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