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  • Losing Revenue Due to Empty Units?
    Just one vacancy in a senior living community or nursing care center can result in an annual revenue loss of $30,900 to $91,788, according to the NIC investment guide!

    Let The Roche Associates increase your profits. We have 30-plus years of proven results in raising occupancy rates, often at twice the national fill-up averages, and dramatically increasing revenues for our clients.
  • Disappointing sales results?
    Do you have a beautiful new community, with great services and amenities, but your sales and marketing efforts aren’t filling your vacancies? Or an established older community, which is losing ground to new competition?

    When it comes to generating sales results, no other test marketing, pre-sales and ongoing marketing programs compare to the success of The Roche Associates’ Direct Impact program.
  • Insufficient sales traffic?
    Everyone knows that if you don’t have prospects, you don’t have sales. With increased competition, nationwide economic and housing market issues, and the decline of the print media industry, the big question is how to generate enough sales traffic?

    The Roche Associates has been developing innovative and incredibly successful sales traffic programs for three decades, and our Sales Traffic Enhancement programs are second-to-none for lead generation.
  • Move-ins keeping pace with move-outs?
    In market after market, The Roche Associates comes up withvaluable, innovative, “thinking out-of-the-box” marketing and sales solutions to help its clients overcome the occupancy challenges they face.

    From defining major points of differentiation, to sharpening marketing and sales messages, to crafting incentives which excite both prospects and on-site sales personnel, to creating imaginative sales traffic programs,

    The Roche Associates is always way ahead of the competition.

National leaders in marketing for senior living and health care

Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a leader in direct marketing, and by top lenders including KeyBank as the top marketing company in the senior living industry.

In This Economy, You need to Stay Ahead of the Occupancy Curve

Each vacant unit or empty bed at your senior living community or health care center can cost you $30,900 to $91,788 or more per year per vacancy!

Our track record of success speaks for itself

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Let us help you fill or turn around your senior living community or health care center.


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